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Surface Water and Groundwater
(Are they connected?)

    Examples of surface water include creeks, lakes and streams. Surface water is found above the earth's surface. Surface water can be contaminated by rainwater runoff from homes, businesses, roads and parking lots. Fertilizer and pesticide from lawns and gardens as well as fluids that leak from autos can all get washed into surface water supplies from rainwater runoff.   





    Groundwater is water found below the earth's surface. This cut-away image depicts a typical private residential well. Residents who have a private well get their water from a groundwater source (something we call an aquifer).





 ARE THEY CONNECTED? Absolutely YES! Groundwater provides the base for surface water (something we call baseflow). In overdeveloped areas such as Atlanta, Georgia so much groundwater has been removed that some lakes and streams have almost completely dried up! 



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