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Local Doctor Discovers Cure For TapaphobiaTM


There seemed to be no hope for those suffering from the water disease known as Tapaphobia™. An estimated 75% of the population either has or will contract Tapaphobia™ at some point in their lifetime. "Until now the hopes of finding a cure was dwindling" said Dr. Waters who is credited for the miracle breakthrough. "I have spent my entire career searching for a cure" said Dr. Waters "and today that search is over". Dr. Waters made the discovery at his aquatic lab located at the Brodhead Creek Regional Authority, a public water supplier located in East Stroudsburg. "Tapaphobia™ is contagious and is very easy to contract from another individual. This disease was almost impossible to cure until now" said a very excited Dr. Waters. Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Waters and the BCRA this remarkable discovery has the potential to wipe out Tapaphobia™ once and for all. Tapaphobia™ is a water disease that affects the mind. The primary symptom is the reluctance to accept fact over advertising fiction. According to Dr. Waters Tapaphobia™ is the irrational fear of drinking tap water.


Personal Letter from Dr. Waters to All Readers;

To All,

If you’ve read this far – Thank you. Tapaphobia™ is a very real disease and it has a substantially negative impact on your wallet and the earth. My cure will help save families a lot of money and help save the environment too. If you and your family are trying to cut costs to offset the rise in gas prices now is the time to reconsider your tap.

Regardless of your water source, all water can be accurately tested by you for about $125. If you spend a mere $10 per week on non-tap water your annual cost is $520. If you spend $20 per week your annual cost is over $1,000! My 3-step cure is much less expensive, yields quantitative results, and will help save the environment for future generations.

[NOTE: Public water suppliers adhere to very strict water standards and are required by law to ensure that your tap water is safe and healthy. Because public water is continuously being tested by licensed professionals, in my opinion it is not necessary for you to have it tested. However if having your own independent test done will convince you to drink tap water, then I encourage you to do so.]

Dr. Waters Amazing 3-Step Cure to Tapaphobia


  1. You spend a lot of money every year on non-tap water because you are concerned about the quality of the water you and your family drink.
  2. Advertisements are lousy sources of information. Testing provides quantitative and undeniable results.
  3. You buy non-tap water because you BELIEVE that it is healthier than the water that comes from your tap (although you’ve never tested either one).
  4. Whether you own, rent, or have private or public water all water can be easily and accurately tested by you.
  5. A very thorough water test (commonly called a Domestic Suitability Screening) can be done for about $125. Testing your own tap water annually is easy, environmentally friendly and far less expensive than the cost of non-tap water.
  6. The environmental impact of billions of unrecycled plastic containers is devastating!
  7. Plastic containers can leach BPA (Bisphenol A is a toxic plastics chemical found in polycarbonate plastic and the resinous lining of food cans). As an alternative, check out
  8. Annual water testing gives you and your family piece of mind. By taking control and testing your own water you can literally save thousands by not purchasing non-tap water or by not installing an unneeded water filtration system.


Visit the following Dr. Waters link for a list of certified testing facilities in the Pocono Area.:

If you live outside the Pocono Area use your local yellow pages under “Laboratory Testing” or “Water Analysis” to find a certified testing site. Be sure the lab is certified for the type of test(s) you are having done. Water testing is easy and accurate if you follow the instructions provided by the testing facility. Some tips on water testing include keeping your sample(s) out of the sun (preferably in some type of cooler) and getting the sample(s) back to the laboratory as quickly as possible.


The testing facility you choose will only provide you with factual results. For liability reasons, they will not say things like "your water is good". If you have any trouble interpreting your test results, feel free to e-mail Dr. Waters at the link below. It is important to understand that with water there are health issues (primary) and esthetic issues (secondary). More simply stated, your water may be healthy to drink but have an unappealing taste. Small home filtration devices in most cases excellent for solving almost any esthetic issues you may have. If you have any questions you may contact Dr. Waters at

TapaphobiaTM is a trademark of Brodhead Creek Regional Authority.

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